The cliche



The first time I heard this, I was actually shocked, and to hear it from guys who have been guys of your age, same college, fellow entrepreneurs.I never looked at them with the same level of respect as before.
For a second I thought am I still in the fairytale and is this the harsh truth? the very fucking next second, I was sure, that we at MMM, we are different.
The Indian startup eco-systems have some cliches ( again stolen from the west) and new age entrepreneurs use them to show how realistic they are. But fuck it, show what you truly believe, I love what I have been making and thats the happiest thing in my life till now

I have worked day in day out for "just" 5 years to make something not a lot of people dream of,a car, a car with a difference, slowly and steadily I fell in love with it,  I would end my day with a smile thinking about the car.

Businesses are made not only by money, and ways to fucking EXIT!!( I am so pissed at people talking about exit plans even before the business hits some kind of momentum, pretentious fucks)
 I am in this for 10,20,30,40 years... well forever!

Sometimes I feel, really clueless about the kind of culture the whole ecosystem is promoting, what is the need for a laundry something dot com, what is the need for a online vegetable selling dot com, how can that be someone's passion, how is that even an is that changing lives apart from employment.There is no real value being added to anything, anyways fuck it, I have literally stated this in all my blogs

A business without passion is not a fucking business, you loose, always.
You tell me you want to be the best in the world and all you have worked for is 5 or 10 years, are you fucking kidding me??? and that bull crap people say about not falling in love with their creation,how can you not fall in love, how can you not be with it all the time.

Being aware of changing tides is different and showing that you are aware of changing tides is different.
We at MMM want to be the best, everyone wants to be.We are in love with our creation, and we hell know we will make you fall in love with it.

A.R.T.I.F.I.C.I.A.L I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E - The fancy word ,everyone loves to hear

"We at MMM, are using AI as a multipurpose bot which can be implemented to environment controls of the car like, lane change, collision avoidance, intelligent communication with infrastructure and much more.

special mention to the manas bot which will power this!

A.R.T.I.F.I.C.I.A.L  I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E   is exciting, mysterious to most, and hence has a very admirable opinion from most.

Lets break down this phenomenon and see what this really is ( from my understanding). So just like any other field artificial intelligence is huge, it has a vast use case, that in simple words means it is work specific.

AI can be used in various industries like gaming, automotive, robotics, healthcare and fortunately in most industries. But its how you use it makes it more of a special occasion.

The MANAS bot created by the young 18-20 year olds from my college (MIT) headed by Kumar Ranjan  is one example of how fast it has grown out of just big MNC's lab. It is with students.

Also with youth trying to develop it, comes a sense of exploitation which makes it a whole lot more of experimentation and limitless discoveries guaranteed

Now, before we can glorify AI making everything easier, lets take a step back, it is dangerous! it is!
getting viral fever as kids was just us getting a higher grade of fever, but it is similar to the way the molecular harmful virus coded itself to weaken the body's immune system.

Similarly AI can code on itself and adapt to its surrounding after a certain period of time, it is like an INTELLIGENT CELL which iterates itself to suitable codes which has a similar pattern to its previous codes which are of course pre-coded to a certain extent by its creator

In easier words it processes the info which has been forced into it within its boundaries and tries to manipulate it with the similar pattern which it already has been processing from a long time.

Amazing isnt it, so basically it is like our BRAIN, it develops with time and with its senses like smell, sight, touch, hearing etc processes info and tells us the body to co-ordinate accordingly.

"but the question here is, what if a similar brain ( AI BOT)  is more advanced than the human brain, AI is usually coded to eliminate the weak links, and there will come one day, that the creator itself( us humans) will be inferior to the created brain ( AI bot) and it will try and remove the weak link"

Talk about survival of the fittest, damn!

What goes on in making a super company- E1

Yes, super company, because unlike 90% of the startup's, there is no exit plan, the plan is to make a company which will continue to be on its own, make technologies that will help human kind, make stuff that will be gorgeous, functional, inexpensive, and will help maintain a balance in the universe.

Mean Metal Motors is like a baby, I mean, of course you will never dream of saying this to yourself "yes, when i grow big, with all my knowledge acquired and with all my learnings, i will open an online underwear and vegetable selling company" , of course you do not say that!!!

What you  would probably dream of is making something that will help citizens across the globe, make their lifestyle better, make technologies which amazes them, their satisfaction being your biggest win, all this unless mankind is in another parallel universe.

So, the first thing surely is why you would want to do it, what made you to take risks and not lead the daily uninspiring, ugly, self satisfying life.

Yeah! I know it! You like to lie to yourself, say everything is fine with my life, after spending lakhs on my education, I am happy serving a 25,000 INR uninspiring job, which I dont even know, it does not relate to what I did for the last 4 years but fuck it I am getting my salary and  am happy, I have an awesome set of friends who make me feel even better, I am happy that I can party every weekend like a boss!
"slow claps".

I couldn't do all this, I seriously couldn't ,what I exactly mean to say is, its not about just taking a job, its about how much you love your job, you may be just a small coder to a product which has almost 0%  importance of your contribution, but trust me if you love what you are doing, you will find ways to make the learning out of that to the fullest and maybe make a better product in the future.

I did 4 years of automotive engineering in college, and this ladies and gentlemen was a plan, a plan well executed. I knew what I wanted, I never wanted to be the 2nd best, why would I, I have so much more than so many of the not so privileged.

The first step is, of course it is, to love what you do and make sure it was thing which you loved to do!
.  .

Elon Musk, you are an aspirational brand, but we are, like many others coming after you, real bad.

The Tesla Model 3 was revealed yesterday, Elon Musk posted on twitter that Tesla has had 180,000 pre sales orders, my reaction  exactly was HOLY SHIT!

Seriously, this was the reaction, where the model 3 success was a killer for some giants in the automotive industry, for me it was a moment of being JEALOUS, extremely JEALOUS, very JEALOUS!

He indeed did it, more than 100,000 people are now going to own a $42,000 electric car, $42,000 is a lot, trust me it is. Moreover what makes it more impressive is the fact that this car performs,packs a punch and unlike most people predicted this is not a car which would give a lot of features, tesla proved one thing alright, that car making is not that difficult after all.

We thank Elon Musk for this, we thank him for giving us another reason to be brutal with our cars, he gave us another reason to look forward and believe in our venture, he gave us another reason to make a car that can blow people's mind.

The real deal starts here, can another aspiration brand create the same magic, can we pull off what people think is impossible, the fact is Elon Musk made this happen, he started paypal, and so many other stuff which he didnt give a shit about, He wanted to be the biggest brand of them all. He had $180 million, before he could start Tesla.He failed twice, came back strong and did it.

Mean Metal Motors doesnt have $180 million, what we do have is a team which can weave magic, we have the strength to make this happen. We have the ability to create just the most brilliant piece of engineered car in the world.

We are coming after you Mr Musk, and we are coming hard, the conversion of Jealousy to inspiration and admiration is a slow process, in my case it happened in 3 seconds,

Elon MUSK the man, the brand, and mean metal motors the brand killer.


I was trying to find the date at my laptops lower right corner, I realised it was 12/3/2015 and I wondered why was it 12th of March!

1:31am, 3rd December'2015,

I was trying to find the date at my laptops lower right corner, I realised it was 12/3/2015 and I wondered why was it 12th of March!

But it was again one of those amazing end to a day when you are satisfied, of course it meant 3rd of December and not 12th of march. I knew time was just another thing in my life.

At a point when Mean Metal Motors is in the middle of 3 parallel investments going on, I had a really good evening with two of my mates with some good wine and some really good discussion.I realised you can learn and develop with every second. This realization is important, with every person you learn.

It's been an amazing journey so far, me and my mates in our flat sleep everyday at nearly 5:00 am, today I was just looking at everything we have been trying to do, and there was this moment when I realised everything about the Indian startup Ecosystem was wrong, every damn thing.

Ola, grofers, and many more aren't solutions, they are a problem! I am dependent on Uber for my transport, it does solve my problem of transport, but what if someone doesn't  get an uber to work one day, most of them would skip work.This is a fact.

You need to understand, the biggest freedom any person on earth can have is being independent, specially being not dependent on things provided by various governments. Solving this would be a solution, being Independent is a Solution, helping someone being Independent is a solution.

The Everyday Me

There is always someone who would perhaps be better than you, certainly making you feel useless.
This is something which does not make me feel good, a feeling that urges me towards excellence, sometimes it can even take the shape of being stubborn.

Everyday starts with an optimism, also with a clear mind of changing the routine of the world, I clearly remember my mom always telling me and I quote her "there is no substitute for hard work"

Everyday is a series of deja-vu, something which I take from my childhood, lessons from my mistakes, I know this is being a little philosophical but you know what, this is true, I can actually relate to what is happening right now and why it has happened.

This ability to relate and basically reason out is pretty godly, I think this makes me feel better, gives me a much clearer vision.

Facts are usually infectious and that is what I want to remind myself everyday, facts are indeed shaped by hard work.

Everyday for me is a quest towards getting more precise, acquiring more knowledge,being patient,knowing the facts.. actually shaping them.

Everyday is like a deja-vu all over again.

Innovators not Entrepreneurs is what India needs.

It took us about a year to conceptualize the cross hair, we always wanted the m-zero to be a different car, something every innovator would be proud of, all elements in the car is inspired by things that impersonate various aspects of a car like speed and stability.

Innovators always take inspiration from the best and try to make the best better, isnt this so simple, you learn from the best and become better than him/her.

Innovation  to some extent is manipulating something already existing for better efficiency, for better performance and sometimes help you learn at every step of your journey.

I am not really a big follower of Steve Jobs but this quote by him just puts words to imaginations perfectly.

Every one at MMM is a leader and that is why we often make mistakes, most of my team members everyday come up with some really crazy ideas for the car, most of them really not viable for the street, but this is actually something truly epic for a simple reason that they are coming out of their cocoon, its like coming out of the shell and letting the infinite capabilities of the brain do the job.

Innovations leads to solving a problem, sometimes the problem may be local within the team, sometimes it may be global, for the society.

Innovator is "the" word, certainly a word which should be used more often. 

Why Mean Metal Motors is something that a lot of petrol heads in India want.

"Guys you are doing a terrific job, please do not back out, we trust you", this is what I read on my web panel a few days back from Mr Karan, who is one of many  such messages for us.
I wanted to understand why would anyone even direct even a fraction of his/her attention to us.
So this particular night I set out to look at all these messages which had come through our website, and these messages were giving out one clear message to us, this needs to happen, India needs to have its very own supercar,

A supercar is just not a symbol of groundbreaking engineering, it also sends out a a clear shout of ambition.These messages give me hope and extreme support, they may not buy the supercar, but they want to talk about it, perhaps feel proud about it. There are moments when we refer to our favorite football team as "us", that feel of almost owning it, emotions flow when the club loses or wins.

I could certainly feel this flow of emotions, I did mail them back, just to let them know, how thankful we are for this effort by them. They were even more excited and assured us, they are with us till we get the supercar out.

They want to own it without buying it, for us this is precious, petrol heads which travel across the globe always admire good technology, somewhere in their heart they still wish of something like this from Indians "thank god for you guys, its great to see an Indian supercar coming up, please let me know if you would want any seed funding" said another ex-professional racer.

People want MMM for one simple thing, it is because they know this will change a lot of things, they know this is something that they can take pride in, something which is simply mind blowing.

This is when  my belief gets stronger on this project, this is indeed life for people in MMM, we cherish these messages, we love these people. Support is what we wanted and support is what we got.
Thank you people for making us feel special.


The m-zero is certainly a very capital intensive project, it needs a very high standard of technical know how and skill set , so how does an investor get any kind of interest into this project?

A few things I knew was important to make this company invest-able, First it would need a stellar and a credible team, this led to the formation of a global team with Mr Marcelo Aguiar (the genius )
who is the head of design at mean metal motors, our first team mentor was Mr Pedro Almeida ( a great mind),I could also get a team in UK who were out and out doing research in materials tech and simulations. The team in India are a bunch of really inspired and technically skilled awesome youngsters who are defying all odds and marching forward.

Pedro Almeida
Mr Pedro Almeida 
We knew, we had to get a really strategic move to make the company credible, to make the company existent, to make it visible and hence invest-able. Amidst all this, We came up with International Series of karting. We at Mean Metal Motors are out and out motorsports lovers  and this was our chance to create this eco-system of racers, an eco-system of technically skilled and gifted engineers who not only are our future market but engineers who could be working with us in the near future.
ISK not only gave us love amongst students across India but gave us those precious operational funds that was essential to propel the M-zero forward.

After ISK, it was time to level up, I happened to come across this super ambitious, aggressive,super visionary  "entity" christened Lewis Horne . Mr Lewis is brilliant at what he thinks and executes and he gave me a chance to make Mean Metal Motors a little more credible and valuable. So it was this moment on that we came out of just being a company with talks.He gave me a chance to be a small part of his proposed company which aims at making something really disruptive and different just like ours.
Marcelo Aguiar
Marcelo Aguiar

We have time and again been successful in getting out technologies which the world needs to see, its different, its courageous and satisfying , whether it be "the genius Marcelo" coming out with the cross hair or be it a very different material tech which has been integrated into mean metal motors recently.
Sudeep Thanghia is the chassis and materials lead at Mean Metal Motors and is responsible for this genius composite research which has opened up avenues for getting in enormous revenues into mean metal motors. We intend to go ahead with this composite and give something back to the country, We are looking forward to having partnerships with the Indian Defence and Satellite systems. Now in terms of credibility again, this would be a bomb.

All of these are like catalyst to the creation of the M-zero which I believe is way more than just a car
its a stereotype breaker, its ambitious and surely life for all of us at Mean Metal Motors.


Supercar, solving any problem of the society?

What problem does making a Super-car solve?

Well, to most of the people, it does look like an object of luxury, an object which is surely an estimate of your reach in the society.We expect big players like TATA, Mahindra and other Indian manufacturers to come out with a performance car,but the case usually is they do not, which surprisingly is not their fault at all.

India in its automotive industry look to research and develop for troubleshooting , i.e solving a problem, effectively not creating anything new, this holds good for most of the companies if not all, 
but again there are companies like TATA and Mahindra who are taking giant leaps in various fields of automotive technology, namely defense, electric solutions, autonomous technology and many more.

A super car not only signifies extremely high figures financially and a lot of technical know how but is also a gateway to extreme research and development, starting from the materials, the panels , the powertrain to compatibility of each component with the other.It is effectively research and development of a system which is optimised to high performance and to astonishing results.
These results are a  combined work of dedication, sincerity, intelligence,planning and execution.

That is what Mean Metal Motors aims at doing, create an ecosystem of these results,