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Petro Passion- Making the Impossible happen

Day 1 : April 18th' 2015

Blogging is effectively telling out things maybe which cannot be told to anyone, so a good friend of mine told me to pen down all my thoughts and ideas and share it with the world,This is my first blog which comes out as a fact that I myself have used this particular word so often, which brings me to a position to define it.

Impossible is a word which is perhaps a very postive word, this word is feared, certainly paid attention to, sometimes challenged,, for some it is a way to let go free.So, impossible, in quite the literal sense is just a word.

Challenging the  impossible has led to a  change, changes which has carved a whole new world, a world of beating the odds, a world of doing the unthinkable,
If it was not for this word, Einstein, Tesla, Steve jobs, Bill gates, would not  have been what they are, For them maybe it was their mission to prove to the world that nothing is impossible.
so ladies and gentlemen, this is my journey to make the impossible happen
Changing the world is something very few dare to do, I have taken a small step to create a change.
A change that will have a story, a story to be told

So the question is, can I make something happen, which perhaps not many would bet a 22  year old under graduate can do.