Why Mean Metal Motors is something that a lot of petrol heads in India want.

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"Guys you are doing a terrific job, please do not back out, we trust you", this is what I read on my web panel a few days back from Mr Karan, who is one of many  such messages for us.
I wanted to understand why would anyone even direct even a fraction of his/her attention to us.
So this particular night I set out to look at all these messages which had come through our website, and these messages were giving out one clear message to us, this needs to happen, India needs to have its very own supercar,

A supercar is just not a symbol of groundbreaking engineering, it also sends out a a clear shout of ambition.These messages give me hope and extreme support, they may not buy the supercar, but they want to talk about it, perhaps feel proud about it. There are moments when we refer to our favorite football team as "us", that feel of almost owning it, emotions flow when the club loses or wins.

I could certainly feel this flow of emotions, I did mail them back, just to let them know, how thankful we are for this effort by them. They were even more excited and assured us, they are with us till we get the supercar out.

They want to own it without buying it, for us this is precious, petrol heads which travel across the globe always admire good technology, somewhere in their heart they still wish of something like this from Indians "thank god for you guys, its great to see an Indian supercar coming up, please let me know if you would want any seed funding" said another ex-professional racer.

People want MMM for one simple thing, it is because they know this will change a lot of things, they know this is something that they can take pride in, something which is simply mind blowing.

This is when  my belief gets stronger on this project, this is indeed life for people in MMM, we cherish these messages, we love these people. Support is what we wanted and support is what we got.
Thank you people for making us feel special.


  1. True this Sarthak & team MMM. Stay unrelenting in your goal

    1. Hey vinay, thank you for the comments, keep them coming