What goes on in making a super company- E1

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Yes, super company, because unlike 90% of the startup's, there is no exit plan, the plan is to make a company which will continue to be on its own, make technologies that will help human kind, make stuff that will be gorgeous, functional, inexpensive, and will help maintain a balance in the universe.

Mean Metal Motors is like a baby, I mean, of course you will never dream of saying this to yourself "yes, when i grow big, with all my knowledge acquired and with all my learnings, i will open an online underwear and vegetable selling company" , of course you do not say that!!!

What you  would probably dream of is making something that will help citizens across the globe, make their lifestyle better, make technologies which amazes them, their satisfaction being your biggest win, all this unless mankind is in another parallel universe.

So, the first thing surely is why you would want to do it, what made you to take risks and not lead the daily uninspiring, ugly, self satisfying life.

Yeah! I know it! You like to lie to yourself, say everything is fine with my life, after spending lakhs on my education, I am happy serving a 25,000 INR uninspiring job, which I dont even know, it does not relate to what I did for the last 4 years but fuck it I am getting my salary and  am happy, I have an awesome set of friends who make me feel even better, I am happy that I can party every weekend like a boss!
"slow claps".

I couldn't do all this, I seriously couldn't ,what I exactly mean to say is, its not about just taking a job, its about how much you love your job, you may be just a small coder to a product which has almost 0%  importance of your contribution, but trust me if you love what you are doing, you will find ways to make the learning out of that to the fullest and maybe make a better product in the future.

I did 4 years of automotive engineering in college, and this ladies and gentlemen was a plan, a plan well executed. I knew what I wanted, I never wanted to be the 2nd best, why would I, I have so much more than so many of the not so privileged.

The first step is, of course it is, to love what you do and make sure it was thing which you loved to do!
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