Mean Metal Motors TEAM

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Day 2 -  23.04.2015


So, what exactly does it take to make something that can change the world, something that is breathtaking, something that is just beyond limits.

I believe it takes a team, a team which just does not want to create "a" thing but wants to create "the" thing, Team making while trying to create something spectacular is difficult, getting the same vision, moving towards a direction which is same, is not a very popular sight.

Its been a ride, it started out with young 18 year old's trying to make which all the oldies would ridicule, something even if you look now looks impossible, but then my team was different, they werent just kids, they were some pretty kickass people who had a simple plan towards life, and the plan was to be a part of a story to be told.

"It is never about the money, it never was. It is about the story to be told"

Presenting Team awesome , Team Mean Metal Motors