Innovators not Entrepreneurs is what India needs.

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It took us about a year to conceptualize the cross hair, we always wanted the m-zero to be a different car, something every innovator would be proud of, all elements in the car is inspired by things that impersonate various aspects of a car like speed and stability.

Innovators always take inspiration from the best and try to make the best better, isnt this so simple, you learn from the best and become better than him/her.

Innovation  to some extent is manipulating something already existing for better efficiency, for better performance and sometimes help you learn at every step of your journey.

I am not really a big follower of Steve Jobs but this quote by him just puts words to imaginations perfectly.

Every one at MMM is a leader and that is why we often make mistakes, most of my team members everyday come up with some really crazy ideas for the car, most of them really not viable for the street, but this is actually something truly epic for a simple reason that they are coming out of their cocoon, its like coming out of the shell and letting the infinite capabilities of the brain do the job.

Innovations leads to solving a problem, sometimes the problem may be local within the team, sometimes it may be global, for the society.

Innovator is "the" word, certainly a word which should be used more often.