Supercar, solving any problem of the society?

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What problem does making a Super-car solve?

Well, to most of the people, it does look like an object of luxury, an object which is surely an estimate of your reach in the society.We expect big players like TATA, Mahindra and other Indian manufacturers to come out with a performance car,but the case usually is they do not, which surprisingly is not their fault at all.

India in its automotive industry look to research and develop for troubleshooting , i.e solving a problem, effectively not creating anything new, this holds good for most of the companies if not all, 
but again there are companies like TATA and Mahindra who are taking giant leaps in various fields of automotive technology, namely defense, electric solutions, autonomous technology and many more.

A super car not only signifies extremely high figures financially and a lot of technical know how but is also a gateway to extreme research and development, starting from the materials, the panels , the powertrain to compatibility of each component with the other.It is effectively research and development of a system which is optimised to high performance and to astonishing results.
These results are a  combined work of dedication, sincerity, intelligence,planning and execution.

That is what Mean Metal Motors aims at doing, create an ecosystem of these results,