The Everyday Me

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There is always someone who would perhaps be better than you, certainly making you feel useless.
This is something which does not make me feel good, a feeling that urges me towards excellence, sometimes it can even take the shape of being stubborn.

Everyday starts with an optimism, also with a clear mind of changing the routine of the world, I clearly remember my mom always telling me and I quote her "there is no substitute for hard work"

Everyday is a series of deja-vu, something which I take from my childhood, lessons from my mistakes, I know this is being a little philosophical but you know what, this is true, I can actually relate to what is happening right now and why it has happened.

This ability to relate and basically reason out is pretty godly, I think this makes me feel better, gives me a much clearer vision.

Facts are usually infectious and that is what I want to remind myself everyday, facts are indeed shaped by hard work.

Everyday for me is a quest towards getting more precise, acquiring more knowledge,being patient,knowing the facts.. actually shaping them.

Everyday is like a deja-vu all over again.