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The m-zero is certainly a very capital intensive project, it needs a very high standard of technical know how and skill set , so how does an investor get any kind of interest into this project?

A few things I knew was important to make this company invest-able, First it would need a stellar and a credible team, this led to the formation of a global team with Mr Marcelo Aguiar (the genius )
who is the head of design at mean metal motors, our first team mentor was Mr Pedro Almeida ( a great mind),I could also get a team in UK who were out and out doing research in materials tech and simulations. The team in India are a bunch of really inspired and technically skilled awesome youngsters who are defying all odds and marching forward.

Pedro Almeida
Mr Pedro Almeida 
We knew, we had to get a really strategic move to make the company credible, to make the company existent, to make it visible and hence invest-able. Amidst all this, We came up with International Series of karting. We at Mean Metal Motors are out and out motorsports lovers  and this was our chance to create this eco-system of racers, an eco-system of technically skilled and gifted engineers who not only are our future market but engineers who could be working with us in the near future.
ISK not only gave us love amongst students across India but gave us those precious operational funds that was essential to propel the M-zero forward.

After ISK, it was time to level up, I happened to come across this super ambitious, aggressive,super visionary  "entity" christened Lewis Horne . Mr Lewis is brilliant at what he thinks and executes and he gave me a chance to make Mean Metal Motors a little more credible and valuable. So it was this moment on that we came out of just being a company with talks.He gave me a chance to be a small part of his proposed company which aims at making something really disruptive and different just like ours.
Marcelo Aguiar
Marcelo Aguiar

We have time and again been successful in getting out technologies which the world needs to see, its different, its courageous and satisfying , whether it be "the genius Marcelo" coming out with the cross hair or be it a very different material tech which has been integrated into mean metal motors recently.
Sudeep Thanghia is the chassis and materials lead at Mean Metal Motors and is responsible for this genius composite research which has opened up avenues for getting in enormous revenues into mean metal motors. We intend to go ahead with this composite and give something back to the country, We are looking forward to having partnerships with the Indian Defence and Satellite systems. Now in terms of credibility again, this would be a bomb.

All of these are like catalyst to the creation of the M-zero which I believe is way more than just a car
its a stereotype breaker, its ambitious and surely life for all of us at Mean Metal Motors.


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  1. Its nice to hear that Indian compony are trying for best that too youngstars..Really appreciable..all the best we hope to see much more innovative master pieces from your MMM.