Elon Musk, you are an aspirational brand, but we are, like many others coming after you, real bad.

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The Tesla Model 3 was revealed yesterday, Elon Musk posted on twitter that Tesla has had 180,000 pre sales orders, my reaction  exactly was HOLY SHIT!

Seriously, this was the reaction, where the model 3 success was a killer for some giants in the automotive industry, for me it was a moment of being JEALOUS, extremely JEALOUS, very JEALOUS!

He indeed did it, more than 100,000 people are now going to own a $42,000 electric car, $42,000 is a lot, trust me it is. Moreover what makes it more impressive is the fact that this car performs,packs a punch and unlike most people predicted this is not a car which would give a lot of features, tesla proved one thing alright, that car making is not that difficult after all.

We thank Elon Musk for this, we thank him for giving us another reason to be brutal with our cars, he gave us another reason to look forward and believe in our venture, he gave us another reason to make a car that can blow people's mind.

The real deal starts here, can another aspiration brand create the same magic, can we pull off what people think is impossible, the fact is Elon Musk made this happen, he started paypal, and so many other stuff which he didnt give a shit about, He wanted to be the biggest brand of them all. He had $180 million, before he could start Tesla.He failed twice, came back strong and did it.

Mean Metal Motors doesnt have $180 million, what we do have is a team which can weave magic, we have the strength to make this happen. We have the ability to create just the most brilliant piece of engineered car in the world.

We are coming after you Mr Musk, and we are coming hard, the conversion of Jealousy to inspiration and admiration is a slow process, in my case it happened in 3 seconds,

Elon MUSK the man, the brand, and mean metal motors the brand killer.


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  1. Go for it guys !! Who needs a Tesla if we have awesome cars coming from our soil.
    Looking forward to your car smashing records in terms of car safety and performance and features and price ;-)